Metanoia University, Inc.


We at Metanoia University, Inc. have had many people sing our praises. Watch this video to hear a compilation of those compliments.

MUI writer-artists are groomed, molded, and equipped to be master artisans of their craft.


Feature 1

MUI has a rigorous process to determine which writer-artists are ready to advance to our highest promotional levels.  We use a skill and value-based checklist, interviews, writing samples, and other means to determine which writer-artists fit our standards for maximum promotion.  We work with fiction and non-fiction writers. The narratives that we publish and promote must be the following:

  • Well written

  • Morally Sound

  • Creative

  • Thought provoking

  • Of a subject matter that we find interesting

  • Fitting for our company


Feature 2

Metanoia University, Inc., writer-artists are not limited to traditional means of marketing/launching books nor are they expected to remain with these traditional ways. They may have a traditional launch if they desire, but their marketing and promotional options are far greater.  MUI writer-artists have high-tech, multi-media avenues to get their works seen.


Feature 3

Because MUI professionals do so much to promote our writer-artists, we must be selective with our time and resources. Therefore, we enroll all of our writers in MUI's patent-pending courses and progress each one through until he or she is ready to graduate to full promotional exposure.  We also offer an advanced, "credit for previous experience" program for experienced writers. Contact MUI representatives for more information.