LED2100 stands for Legacy Educators of the 21st century and beyond.

LED2100: A Global, Digital Humanities Initiative Established in

July 2018


Some of LED2100's initiatives include the following:

-The Legacy Project--A project that seeks to preserve impactful stories for current and future generations.  Advanced writers can seek membership in this prestigious program.  If accepted, they will be catapulted into various media platforms and given access to our academic press. 

-The Global, Digital Humanities Consortium--A group of like-minded individuals who want to see global, communal and positive changes 

LED2100 is a global, digital humanities initiative that seeks to take the best of what the humanities has to offer and bring that power to the world.  LED2100 educators are leaders in global thought, and they understand the power of artistic/creative endeavors joined with cutting-edge technology and media promotions.  Only the best and the brightest in their field will be invited to join this elite group.