The Metanoia University, Inc. Press


Our Press Handles Academic and Non-Academic Publishing for MUI Certificate Holders and LED2100 Writers

Metanoia University Press (MUIP)

MUIP publishes various artistic narratives--not just academic ones. It was birthed out of Stephanie's love for publishing, marketing, and public relations, and her frustration with her employer (a major university) not having an official university press. Seeing a need for innovative, relevant works, Stephanie started and found funding for an unofficial university press where she was working.  Although the press was temporary, it had some highly-impactful work.  That unofficial press published preliminary editions of two books and a complete edition of one book.  The latter publication, Sweet Inspirations: Celebrating Written Art (2016), was presented to Nikki Giovanni (iconic poetic and nationally-recognized speaker). 


Ms. Giovanni was the inspiration behind the book (a collection of various art forms including poetry, photography, and short stories), and she was the second honoree of the press. The first honoree, Judith Jamison (former dancer and Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater), was featured on an honorary issue of Echt! Magazine and given copies the first two preliminary works from the press.  


Stephanie is using her previous experience with this press and with working with celebrity/iconic figures to make MUIP the press of a writer's dreams. MUIP is only available to MUI graduates; however, other writer-artists (if selected) may be considered for provisional publication. Once approved, LED2100 writers will be eligible for publication with the press. MUIP is equipped with a wealth of resources to get writer-artists exclusive coverage, publication, speaking engagements, and much more.