Metanoia University, Inc. is a leader in the global, digital humanities initiative and in multimedia publishing—combining the power of cutting-edge technology and the artistry of the humanities. We are making history as the leaders of innovation in this ever-developing field.
— Stephanie Freeman, Founder

  You Write. We Promote. Everyone Succeeds.

Metanoia [met-uh-noi-uh] means "spiritual awakening."  At Metanoia University, Inc. (MUI), we want our writer-artists to awaken to a new way to write and promote books. MUI harnesses the power of the global, digital humanities, where the latest in the artistic/creative meets the latest in technology and innovation. Why? The answer is simple. We are creating the future of publishing. 

An Ode to the past:  Many authors would look for lucrative book deals or spend thousands of dollars self publishing and promoting their own books. Often, the end result was frustrated, financially-strapped writers who sold just a few hundred books (or less!).  

Creating the Future:  At MUI, we help you write a book that is worthy of a book deal (which we can help you get) and of being promoted on a grand scale.  You pay for the developmental process, and we pay to promote you to the highest levels possible.  Another "Why?" The elitist publishing industry has long been due for an overhaul, and too many sub-standard books are being produced.  In MUI's innovative collaboration, great books are going to the market, and dedicated writers don't have to spend valuable time trying to get noticed.  We craft writer-artists, and they, in turn, get a promotional team. MUI will awaken you to a much better way to work your craft!


Why Be A Metanoia University, Inc. Writer-Artist? 

We at Metanoia University, Inc. have had many people sing our praises. Watch this video to hear a compilation of those compliments.

MUI writer-artists are groomed, molded, and equipped to be master artisans of their craft.  MUI has a rigorous process to determine which writer-artists are ready to advance to our highest promotional levels.  We use a skill and value-based checklist, interviews, writing samples, and other means to determine which writer-artists fit our standards for maximum promotion.  We work with fiction and non-fiction writers. The narratives that we publish and promote must be the following:

  • Well written

  • Morally Sound

  • Creative

  • Thought provoking

  • Of a subject matter that we find interesting

  • Fitting for our company


Because MUI professionals do so much to promote our writer-artists, we must be selective with our time and resources. Therefore, we enroll all of our writers in MUI's patent-pending courses and progress each one through until he or she is ready to graduate to full promotional exposure.  We also offer an advanced, "credit for previous experience" program for experienced writers.  Contact MUI representatives for more information. 


At MUI, we are changing the publishing game and infusing traditional means of promoting books with new life and energy.  


Metanoia University, Inc., writer-artists are not limited to traditional means of marketing/launching books nor are they expected to remain with these traditional ways. They may have a traditional launch if they desire, but their marketing and promotional options are far greater.  MUI writer-artists have high-tech, multi-media avenues to get their works seen.


Metanoia University, Inc. takes the traditional, and makes it extraordinary. Our magazines are promotional art.

You'll Want to Grab the Latest Copy of Our High-Impact Magazines!

"Echt!" and "H.A.A.R.P." Magazines are specifically designed by and for Metanoia University, Inc., publicists and writer-artists. "Echt," which is a German word that means "genuine/real and authentic," embodies the core values of MUI--showcasing writer-artists who are changing the world for better by being their authentic, God-purposed selves. "H.A.A.R.P." (an acronym for "Humanities, Arts, And Real People") is the public relations, marketing, and advertising-specific tool for MUI. These magazines will get our writer-artists noticed and create buzz for them. Our team of marketing, advertising, and public relations professionals will make sure that these publications showcase our writer-artists in the best possible way and that they receive maximum exposure in all the right media outlets. You can go viral overnight!


MUI uses innovative videos and logo displays to promote our writer-artists. We will develop attention-getting advertising that will get you great publicity.

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