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We at Metanoia University, Inc. have had many people sing our praises.MUI writer-artists are groomed, molded, and equipped to be master artisans of their craft.

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MUIP publishes various artistic narratives--not just academic ones. It was birthed out of Stephanie's love for publishing, marketing, and public relations, and her frustration with her employer (a major university) not having an official university press.

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North Carolina University (NCU) is our parent company. Ever student who enrolls in NCU become an honorary member of Metanoia University, Inc. Additionally, if a student becomes a Creative Writing major at NCU, that student gets full use of Metanoia University’s services.

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Legacy Educators of The 21st Century and Beyond. This group of elite educators are brilliant, talented, and leaders in their fields. They are prepped for multi media and ready to set standards in excellence.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

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Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

"Echt!" and "H.A.A.R.P." Magazines are specifically designed by and for Metanoia University, Inc., publicists and writer-artists. "Echt," which is a German word that means "genuine/real and authentic," embodies the core values of MUI--showcasing writer-artists who are changing the world for better by being their authentic, God-purposed selves. "H.A.A.R.P." (an acronym for "Humanities, Arts, And Real People") is the public relations, marketing, and advertising-specific tool for MUI. These magazines will get our writer-artists noticed and create buzz for them. Our team of marketing, advertising, and public relations